Hero - (bonus teaser)

by Mayday RED



This is just a sample of the song...without lyrics and melody, just to give you a taste of what's coming.


See the face in the glimmer of the screen
soldier boy, missions to be won
Vanquished villains bear familiar faces
He erases with his gun
between the joysticks and the chemical kicks
he finds the time
to dream, and dream,
his dream of a hero, a hero
to show him how to fly
And come to life in a comic world
Where only devils die
but he knows ain't no hero, no hero
Walkin' through that door
That shut for good the day he left
momma lyin' on the floor
Never more to be a hero

See the girl livin' in the magazine
Belle of the ball--parties never end
Every airbrushed idol is her teacher
and at once her truest friend
If she wants to rate, lose the weight, it's her fate
to finally be adored
never more be ignored

And she cries for a hero
Who'll lie and sing it's true
There is a painless chrysalis
To make her someone new
She'd give it all to that hero
Who'd satisfy the need
But When they don't show, she's just might open up a
Vein and let it bleed
Put the blame on the hero

Near lost are the ones of yesteryear
Locked up on bookshelves under dust
By men who hate the light of day
Now hear the cry, "who can we trust"
Time to reclaim our heroes
A father, a mother, a founder, teacher, preacher, soldier, savior

Will anyone be a hero
That doesn't need to fly
On field, or stage, or silverscreen
Where honor tends to die
Where in the world is the hero
Hope in the absurd
With open eyes and and steady knees
and power in their word
Tell me, who'll be a hero?

For the boys and the girls
For the boys and the girls
For the boys and the girls

Who'll be a hero
Who'll be a hero
Who'll be a hero


Music and Lyrics by Jeremy Hoop



all rights reserved


Mayday RED Orem, Utah

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